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Smart scale accuracy

Smart scale accuracy 0

We use bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) in our smart scales to deliver your body composition results in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way.

What is Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA)?

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis to measure body composition, which includes measures like body fat in relation to lean mass. For more information about other methods to measure of body composition, click here.

How does BIA work?

To determine body fat, an extremely low electrical current through the body. The device measures the amount of impedance to the electrical current, which is affected by the amount of water in tissues. Muscle and fat tissues contain differing amounts of fluid which affect conductivity; blood has high conductivity, while tissues like bone and fat have lower amounts. The device takes the information and then calculates the amount of water in the body with the amount of body fat being part of the conductivity equation.

How accurate is BIA?

BIA is a lower-cost and moderately accurate way to estimate body fat percentage. According to researcher Bartok Buchholz, BIA "may be acceptable for determining body composition of groups and for monitoring changes in body composition within individuals over time" (2004). It is within a 4% margin of error.

The BIA method is most accurate when done at the same time every day, like first thing in the morning, right before training, or after hydrating, since results can vary based on hydration levels.The numbers from BIA may also vary from those given by other measurement methods and professional medical instruments because it is designed for home use and reference.

To see how a smart scale would work for you, try one of our Yunmai models!

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Why you should choose Yunmai Smart Scale over competitors

Why you should choose Yunmai Smart Scale over competitors 0

Finding the right fitness scale for your journey to wellness can be overwhelming! There are so many different features, options, and brands that it can get confusing quickly. We wanted to help make this journey a little easier so we combed the web for information.

We browsed Amazon, brand sites, and FAQ sections to create a comprehensive analysis of the smart scale market. We looked into how people interact with the scale, what it tracks, and how it works with a mobile device to create a holistic view of both hardware and software.

We scoured to find a comparison of smart scale features, from the hardware and the software, to help make your search for a new scale easier! The hardware includes features related to the scale itself, from style to tracking. Here's what we found:

Hardware comparison

Brand Colors Phone not required to weigh Warranty (YR) Number of Users Non-slip, scratch-resistant feet. # trackers Data points can save up to Weight Limit (lbs.)
Weight Gurus Black X 5 8 X 5 400
Yunmai Many X 1 16 X 10 1000 400
Withings Black/White X 2 8 X 5 116
1byone White 2 10 X 10 400
Fitbit Black/White 1 8 X 5 350
Under Armor Health Box Black 8 X 2
Garmin Index Black/White 1 16 X 5 400
Polar Balance Black/White 10 X 2 388
QardioBase White 3 Household X 5


We also wanted to make sure that we addressed the software portion of the devices. Software allows the solution to provide its full value through tracking, goal setting, and integrations with other fitness applications. See what the scales can do!


Software comparison

Goals Syncs With Tracks Connection Type
Brand Fitness Goals FitBit GoogleFit AppleHealth Weight Body Fat % Muscle % Water Bone Mass BMI BMR, Age, Protein, Visceral Fat Bluetooth WiFi
Weight Gurus X X X X X X X X X X
Yunmai X X X X X X X X X X X X
Withings X X X X X X X X X X X
1byone X X X X X X X X X
Fitbit X X X X X X
Under Armor Health Box X X X X X
Garmin Index X X X X X X X X x
Polar Balance X X X X X
QardioBase X X X X X X X X X


Based on our research, we offer a comprehensive fitness solution for the highest amount of users, in the most colors, and with the highest amount of stars on Amazon. If you need to know more, check out more information about smart scalesfrom Gadgets and Wearables.

Happy shopping!

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Which smart scale is for me?

Which smart scale is for me? 0

We have so many fun colors and styles, how do you know what smart scale would be right for you? No worries, we've got just the thing!

Check out our quick quiz below to figure out just which option is best for your fitness journey.


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Everyday fitness inspiration from our top 15 fitness Instagram influencers

Everyday fitness inspiration from our top 15 fitness Instagram influencers 0

Our fitness scale can help keep you on track for your fitness journey, but when it comes to getting moving these Instagram phenoms will keep you inspired everyday. To keep your fitness journey moving forward, with the help of our digital sidekick, follow our top 15 fitness Instagram inspirations!

1. Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit)

Her daily workout posts will keep you inspired for your next workout! From plyo to intervals to on-the-go fitness, she's got you covered.

Happy Thursday! #tbt

A post shared by Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit) on


 2. Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)

Her stunning posts and incredible yoga moves will keep you inspired to get flexible! Based out of sunny Australia, her posts will brighten your day.


3. Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

 Need some new moves? Follow Jeanette for some fun ways to spice up your workout.


5. Tanya Poppett (@tanyapoppett)

Tanya jumps, runs, and gets fit in such beautiful places! You'll want to be running beside her.

Death by dunes 💀🐪

A post shared by Tanya Poppett (@tanyapoppett) on


6. Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga)

Ready to take your practice to the next level? See what Dylan can do and know just how much more you can grow.

We don't need to lose our connections only our attachments. The practice of yoga is about creating connection and letting go of attachments. . Sometimes it can be challenging to discern between connection and attachment. Connections are fluid, they change with change yet still remain connected. . Connection is a form of love that last through time and space. Attachments are us wanting something to stay the same. But because everything is in continuous change and the inevitable change creates a separation and separation is the cause of suffering. . Attachment disguises itself as love. When we are attached to someone or something it's because it or they make us happy, and the attachment is dependent on that continuing happiness. Love has no conditions. . We can be both connected and attached to the same thing or person. When we bring this into awareness we can see the difference and loose our attachments while deepening our connections. . Flying @meliniseri Photo @icreatelife_

A post shared by Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga) on


7. Jennifer Nash Forrester (@jenniferforrester)

Get fit without the gym (and have your baby nearby too)! Jennifer keeps working hard while spending time with her very cute baby.


8. Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines)

Sweat with Kayla's easy to follow workout tips, enjoy success stories from people using her program, and get inspired with her coordinating fitness outfits!


9. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (@therock)

What fitness list would be complete without the Rock? Check out his motivational videos and fitness posts made more adorable by his Frenchie in the background.


10. Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)

See how athletes get it done by following Serena. From fashion to fitness, she's got it going on.


11. Misty Copeland (@mistycopeland)

This principal dancer can give you plenty of new #fitfam goals!


12. Massy Arias (@massyarias)

See Massy get back in shape post-baby and have fun doing it. 

#MAWarriorChallenge Kicking Friday in da'Face like! So I have a movement challenge for you to try every Friday. Tag me using #MAWarriorChallenge and let's see how many bad-a$$es get this done, tag a friend who can do it too. I included an easier version in the beginning of it. Tag me and LET'WORK. I'll be posting the best videos at the end of the week. Mamas, consult your doctor prior to working out and doing any challenging routine. Remember I was very conditioned pre pregnancy and during my pregnancy. I might not be the norm and you might need more time to recover specially if you had a cesarean! #5weekspostpartum #letswork #progressnotperfection #ma30day #childofGod ___________________________________________________ #MAWarriorChallenge Feliz viernes mi gente. Aquí les tengo un reto. Cada viernes pondré un ejercicio para retarlos y ver quién puede lograrlo. Usen el hashtag y veremos quién se une, menciona aún amigo que pueda hacerlo. Incluí una versión más fácil del reto para los más principiantes. Al final de la semana publicare las mejores versiones! DALE! #hijadecristo #beastmode #fitmom #momlife

A post shared by MankoFit 🇩🇴 (@massy.arias) on


13. Irene Pappas (@fitqueenirene)

Follow Irene's personal and fitness journey that complements her contortions.


14. Idalis Velazquez (@ivfitness)

This mom knows how to keep in shape! Enjoy the beautiful views and workout videos - her regimen will bring some strength to your program.


15. Robin Arzon (@robinnyc)

City views abound in Robin's feed! Learn how to use the city to your advantage, just like she does in her workouts!

Never miss a Monday. #shutupandrun

A post shared by Robin Arzon (@robinnyc) on


While you're working out, track your progress with a body composition scale. Which Instagram inspiration is your favorite?

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We've heard you! Common questions about our smart scales

We've heard you! Common questions about our smart scales 0

We keep hearing common smart scale questions like, "Does the scale work with Fitbit?" or "Does the scale work with iPhones?"

To address common smart scale questions, we've brought our list together for one post!

Does the scale use Bluetooth or Wifi?

Some smart scales can use either, and some use both. We use both Bluetooth and Wifi for syncing and tracking your fitness data.

Does the scale work with Fitbit?

Yes, it does! We make sure that our product offers the features that you want, including syncing to other popular fitness applications like Fitbit, Google Health, and MyFitnessPal.

Does the scale measure body fat?

Our scale doesn't just measure body fat, it also measures 9 other wellness indicators. Our app tracks: weight, age, body fat, visceral fat, body fat percentage, BMI/BMR, bone mass, hydration level, protein, and muscle.

Does the scale work with iPhone?

Not just with iPhone's iOS, but Android as well! We want to make sure all of our customers are happy with our app and can use it on their preferred device.

Does the scale work with Apple watch?

Sorry, we do not currently sync with the Apple Watch.


What else can we help answer? For more answers about the Yunmai Smart Scale, see our FAQ.

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Yunmai Smart Scale review and unboxing - Smart Body Fat & Composition Monitor scale

Yunmai Smart Scale review and unboxing - Smart Body Fat & Composition Monitor scale 0


I am very impressed with their friendly great customer service. They provide excellent support and respond promptly and offer immediately exchange or return if you do not like the scale. There is no risk to try this awesome product.

Before purchasing my first smart scale, I had a few bathroom scales without the function of body fat, body mass and so on. I like those scales, and they worked well as I expected. From 2 years ago, I started realizing that monitoring weight was not sufficient for a healthy life. At that time, there were some body fat scales available on the market. Some of them are sold at price from 60-90 without App, and other Apps ones were sold at a way higher price than most people can afford. I purchased my Fitbit smart scale 2 years ago from Bestbuy at around $130. To my surprise, Fitbit is still selling exactly the same one as of today. I did not have a good experience with the Fitbit Scale for a few reasons, I decided to buy a new one to replace Fitbit.

Yunmai caught my attention when I was searching for a smart scale on the market, and $49.95 price was really attractive. I did some research comparing Yunmai with Fitbit, Eatsmart, and Greater Goods. After a comprehensive comparison, I decided to go to Yunmai. I have been using it for 2 months, and I believe I made the right choice.


1. Sleek design, looks like it comes from Apple

2. No set up needed

3. 10 body index measurement

4. Smart App

5. Excellent customer service

Sleek design: The pictures on the Amazon page cannot reflect the true beauty of this product, and I was impressed when I first received it. The packing was well-done, they used the recycle material to pack this scale, and everything was neat and "green". When I opened this box, I love the color, which is same as with iphone color. The Scale is very well built, shining and solid. The design is beyond what I can expect for a $50 scale, and this looks much better than the Fitbit. It is weird that Fitbit is selling at 2-3 times higher price than Yunmai. I would give yunmai 95/100 of what they have done to the industrial design and packing.

No set-up Needed: Fitbit uses Wifi to connect Scale with the APP, and I hate to bother the internet, definitely a headache for me. I spent roughly 2 hours to set it up, and called them a few times when I got problems. Fitbit has released their new version of trackers many times, but not the scales. Yunmai uses Bluetooth to connect with iphone. Before I received the scale, I already had the Yunmai software installed and registered. I just need to turn on the Bluetooth, and it automaticall connected with the Scale, nothing else needed. I stepped on the scale, and App showed all the data. This is amazing, I would give Yunmai 100/100.

8-10 body index measurement: This is one of the main reasons that encouraged me to go to Yunmai instead of Eatsmart, Greater Goods. Yunmai can measure up to 10 body index like body fat, BMI, Water percentage, Bone, body age, and so on, while the other brands can measure only weight and body fat. I know my weight well, and Yunmai gives me a constant reading when I weigh myself repeatedly. The body fat I got from Yunmai is close enough to what I got from gym. I am not sure about the other data, but at least these 2 data is accurate enough. I guess different brands use different method to roughly estimate the body fat, BMI and so so. With $50 price tag, I do not expect it to be as accurate as the equipment in my doctor's office. I would like to give Yunmai 95/100 for their accuracy.

Smart APP: The app can sync with apple health, which can show all weighing record, all body measurements and run chart. I am overall very happy with the APP. Just like the scale, the APP looks sleek and fashion. I guess they had spent a lot of time to develop such an APP. Connecting speed is fast, data transferring has no problem. App can store as much data as I need. The only thing I can complain is that the font of some letters are small, and they told me that they are now updating the APP. I will give Yunmai 90/100 for the App.

Customer Service: I roughly received 3 emails after the purchase. They sent the first email to let me know the delivery time of my order, and asked me to download the App if I have time. The second email after I received it a few days, they followed up to see if I had any problem with it. Then 2 weeks later, they sent another email and ask me if I can write a review, and I am more than happy to do so. These emails did not bother me, and I felt confidence about my purchase, and I know who I can turn to when I have a problem. I can give 95/100 for their customer service.

No product is perfect, while I am very happy with this product, it does have some cons:

1. Some font in App is small: It is not small for most people, but I am weak-eyed. So, I just hope the font is big enough to read from a distance. I complained to them about it, and they told me they are updating the App.

2. The instruction manual is not comprehensive: This is quite like iphone, it comes with a brief Manual. I believe most people can use it without any problem because it does not need any effort to set up; However, if you are having some uncommon situation, you definitely need a more comprehensive material to refer to. I think they need to prepare a detailed guideline for everyone to use.

Overall, I give Yunmai 95/100. I would definitely recommend this product to my friend and family. This is a good choice if you are looking for a smart scale. If you are looking for a bathroom scale, you can also consider it: it is just 20 bucks more, but it can change the way you live.