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Yunmai Product Review Roundup

Yunmai Product Review Roundup 0

We gathered all of our reviews together! Read through the articles and videos about our smart scales:

Gadgets and Wearables, Roundup of the best smart scales on the market

"One of the best budget smart scales on the market right now."

Any Top 10, Top 10 Best Digital Bathroom Weighing Scales 2017 Reviews

"The Yunmai Precision Bluetooth Smart Body Scale has a sleek design that will look good anywhere the device is placed."

Body Fat Shop, Yunmai Scale Reviews

"Looking for a scale with an affordable price, amazing features, and a sleek, compact design? Look no further because Yunmai’s Color Smart Scale got all of that, and much more."

Geek Wrapped, Best Cheap Scales for Weight Loss

"Yunmai may not be a household name, but they have been tracking accurate weight loss information for more than a million customers, and that experience shows in the quality of this product."

Supplement Police, Best Smart Scales - Top 9 Digital Body Fat Weight Loss Scales?

"The price of the Yunmai has been set at almost half what the leading brands in the market cost. It is an impressive smart scale and one you can’t guess the price on by just looking at the features."

Shibley Smiles, Yunmai Premium Smart Scale Coupon Code

"What I like best about this scale is the integration with the app on my phone."

More of a visual person? We've compiled our reviews for easy viewing!

Yunmai Premium

Johny Tech Review

"There's really no complaint. For $60 you get a scale with a pretty nice design and it works quite well."

Yunmai Color

Gauging Gadgets

"Setup was seamless, maybe took 5 or 10 seconds. It's a very simple device."


Original Dobo

"I'm impressed... They've absolutely blown me away as far as quality that goes with the scale. Beyond my expectations."

The Suburban Hippie Environmentalist

"It's neat if you want to track your results over time."

Yunmai Mini

Abel Albonetti

"It keeps up with everything in an app. It keeps up with your body fat percentage, your weight, and it also connects to your FitBit... So each day I weigh myself it will have a chart. So if you're keeping up with your weight over a long period of time you can see your weight and how it goes up or down."

Techy Agent

"This is the first time I would come to you guys and say that I have a smart scale that I'm starting to use and I would actually recommend it."
  • Sophie Newman
9 wellness blogs to enrich your fitness journey

9 wellness blogs to enrich your fitness journey 0

Looking for some light reading? We've collected some fun wellness blogs to help you keep learning as you continue your journey to a happier and healthier self!


Everything to keep your mind and body on track! From food, working out, and mental de-stressing, mindbodygreen informs and inspires.

Katie Dale

Mix things up with a wellness podcast! Katie brings in guest speakers and lots of wellness practices to bring yourself to the next level of well being. Don't miss out on some great speakers, including Jessamyn Stanley and Danielle Laporte!


Dealing with mental issues and fitness never was so accessible. Sonima brings tips and advice to build mental well being, while also delivering free yoga and fitness workouts to build physical well being.


Want more recipes, fitness, and gear? Equinox delivers all of that and more like playlists, videos, and scientific articles. Subscribe for curated content that will drive your fitness journey forward.

Nutrition Stripped

Beautiful food photos and helpful nutrition advice make Nutrition Stripped a win for learning more! All of the food looks delicious and you make it yourself with their recipe library. Don't miss out!

Fitting It All In

After struggling with an eating disorder, Clare found her calling as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She shares her own struggles, connects with others, and brings together a community that wants to be involved in her journey.


Feeling like something's just not working? Follow Unstuck for plenty of advice surrounding what has your feeling stuck in life.

Zen Habits

Need to simplify your life? Zen Habits help make it possible with lessons and homework. Leo created this blog to help clear out clutter so people can focus on building a life that makes them happy.

Daily Cup of Yoga

A daily dose of accessible yoga information is just what you need! Written so that new yogis and practitioners both get something from it, the blog delivers tips, tools, and wisdom on yoga, fitness, and technology.


Need even more information? Greatist has created a comprehensive guide to blogs on fitness, nutrition and wellness.
  • Sophie Newman
9 healthy recipes to break your breakfast routine

9 healthy recipes to break your breakfast routine 0

Staying on track toward your fitness goals can be hard. Meal prepping should be easier. We wanted to help you get your day started right with some healthy breakfast recipes!
Abs are made in the kitchen, not at the gym. That's why we picked some of our favorite recipes to make healthy eating yummy.


Hearty breakfasts can be filling and re-heated for another day! Don't be afraid to try out a hash, especially one filled with protein.

Caramelized pork hash

While this one might require some leftover pork, feel free to substitute with a protein of your choice! The mixture of Brussels sprouts, carrots, sweet potatoes, and onions will keep your taste buds happy throughout the week.

Caramelized sweet potato apple hash

Paleo and Whole 30 friendly, you can serve this up any day of the week. If you want to add some additional protein, look at adding some breakfast sausage or eggs to the mix.


Put it all together on Sunday and enjoy a warm morning meal all week that incorporates fruit and natural sweeteners. Both recipes are vegan and can be made gluten free!

Berry crumble breakfast bake

Make individual servings or a larger batch of the crumble. Enjoy on-the-go or with your cup of joe at home.

Easy protein banana muffins

Bananas for breakfast are good. A banana muffin can be even better! Whip these up for some grab and go bites.

Smoothies & Bowls

While you can't completely meal prep smoothies, you can set aside the ingredients in individual containers for the week! Put all the dry ingredients into individual servings and then add the wet ingredients for blending in the morning.

Tropical probiotic smoothie

Mango, coconut and pineapple all blend together for a smoothie that's good for your gut! Combining your dose of citrus with kefir packs a great jolt.

Persimmon-pomegranate quinoa breakfast bowl

Like hot oats but with quinoa! Instead of a warm bowl of oatmeal, spice up your oatmeal with quinoa, pomegranate, persimmon, and cinnamon.

Cinnamon quinoa breakfast bowl

Instead of persimmon and pomegranate, think peaches and raspberries. A different take on the quinoa breakfast bowl (and I'm sure there's more) will make this a new staple.

And More!

Need a quick boost with almost no prep? Toast is the way to go. We found 21 ways to make your toast and each one is delicious.


A chia berry paleo parfait sounds like too much fun to pass up! Put it together the night before and enjoy a parfait in the morning.


Need more ideas for health recipes? Check out our Pinterest.
  • Sophie Newman
Healthy habits to start cultivating right now

Healthy habits to start cultivating right now 0

Want to get started living a healthier life? The first steps include taking care of yourself mentally and physically.


Several ways to get started living a healthier lifestyle include:

Eat breakfast

They always said it was the most important meal of the day for a reason. Don't skip out on getting your metabolism jump started in the morning.


Choose something nutritious and with a mixture of carbs and protein to keep you fuller longer!


Your workout doesn't have to be heavy lifting at the gym. Go for a walk in the bar, a bike ride around the neighborhood, or a swim in the apartment pool. Find something that works for you and your schedule so you can make this a long-lasting habit.


Need more motivation? Try a group fitness class, small group training, or personal training. Even just having a gym buddy will help keep you accountable.

Get your body moving

An object at rest stays at rest. Start small by getting yourself moving more often. Get up from your desk and walk around, do some yoga in your space, or even try a chair workout.


Small changes can have a big impact: like taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Incorporating more movement into your routine will help you develop more active habits.

Drink more water

While this seems obvious, it may not be happening often enough. By staying hydrated, we can avoid feeling drowsy, tired, or unwell.


Avoid sugary drinks when you could be having a glass of water. Sugary choices may taste good but will lead to you crash later, can increase cravings, and are empty calories.

Think positively

Thoughts have the power to shape our lives, so they're worth paying attention to. Notice how your thoughts affect your feelings and outcomes. Then, start trying to address any negative thoughts that keep occurring.


Some ways to help boost your happiness include showing gratitude, meditation, and random acts of kindness. Showing gratitude to others, possibly through random acts, can help boost your mood and help you focus on other people rather than your own negativity. Pull yourself out of a funk with meditation as well, even 2 minutes a day to reflect on what you're grateful for can reset your attitude.


What other healthy habits do you rely on or cultivate?
  • Sophie Newman
8 health and fitness resources we recommend

8 health and fitness resources we recommend 0

Stay on the top of the latest health and fitness information! We try to bring you the latest to act as a resource for your wellness journey. Some of our favorite resources include Instagram influencers and publishers like:


Seem a little intense just from the name? Don't worry, they have plenty of practical nutrition and fitness advice meant for both novices and experience fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're training for your next competition, or just need some wellness advice, they're a great source of advice.

Fitness Magazine

Ready to get fit with plenty of different workouts and recipes? Fitness Magazine delivers workouts and articles to help you get there. Subscribe to receive new workouts in your inbox!

The Huffington Post

Need some seasonal tips about health? HuffPost is there to fulfill some of your questions about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. Their areas of focus include meditation, mental health, therapy, stress and stress management, and sleep and wellness.

Healthy Living Magazine

Healthy Living posts daily to their site about recipes, tips, and stars to help live a healthier lifestyle. It's provides supplemental health information, especially appropriate for those who are pregnant or dealing with chronic conditions.

Shape Magazine

Want to read more about fitness and other individuals on their journey? Shape has some great spotlights on people working to me more fit. They also have workouts to help get you there.


Hear latest in food and nutrition! From where your food comes from, to benefits and detriments of certain food choices, Time offers insights into choosing the right options for your diet.

NY Times

Need some more information about personal health? NY Times keeps you up-to-date about new health findings, research, and surveys. Follow them if you'd like to stay on top of scientific findings in nutrition.

Discover Magazine

Discover delves into the science behind nutrition and into the medicinal side of wellness. Topics range from marijuana to meerkats as they keep discovering!
  • Sophie Newman
Choose a smart scale: 3 reasons to ditch your traditional scale

Choose a smart scale: 3 reasons to ditch your traditional scale 0

As the trend of monitoring health and wellness continues to rise, smart scales are part of the wave of the future. While a traditional digital scale may provide the same weight information as a smart scale, a smart scale can provide a much deeper insight into health. Rather than focusing on just weight, which can be misleading when looking at overall health, smart scales provide additional metrics that can provide a more holistic picture.

Smart scales are superior traditional scales in tracking, metrics, and insight.


Remember putting your weight goals down on pen and paper? Having a consistent look into your weight over time meant developing your own tracking system over weeks and months. It may have even included a food journal, a lot of work to maintain and if you forgot your notebook all your data was lost.

With a smart scale, say goodbye to cumbersome tracking methods! You can easily sync from the device right to your phone. And even if you want that food journal, most smart scales will sync with apps like MyFitness Pal so you can get even more health data to empower your fitness journey.


Weight is only one part of the wellness equation. As a measure, it can sometimes be unreliable when trying to understand the progress you are making. Since weight doesn't tell the whole story, looking to other metrics can help fill in the gaps.

Body fat, protein, visceral fat, BMI/BMR, bone mass, hydration level, and muscle are also important when understanding total wellness. Smart scales are able to track these factors with BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis). Using these measures over time, and that sync to your mobile device, people can gain a deeper insight into their health.


It can be difficult with a traditional scale to enjoy the benefits of ease of tracking and combining data from multiple sources like Apple Health, Google Fit, and MyFitnessPal. However, with a smart scale, gaining insight through the combination of data sources is possible.

Some smart scales like Yunmai are able to integrate with these sources of information to give users the benefit of all of their wellness data. Instead of spending time combing through the data, users can now enjoy easy to read graphs and visualization to make their fitness journey focus on what's important: improving wellness.

NOTE: Smart scales are not meant for individuals with a pacemaker or who may be pregnant because of this measurement method.
  • Sophie Newman