2017 Fitness Trends to Try

Types of fitness training may come and go, but it can be fun to try out the newest training methods! From water aerobics to the outdoors, there are plenty of new combinations or styles to try. 
Some examples of training types that are really growing right now include:

Interval training in the pool

Water workouts can be more than swimming laps. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts usually are thirty minutes or less of exercise, but you can mix things up by doing them in the pool. They utilize body weight movements with a combination of strength and cardio to build cardiovascular strength.
  • Aqua is a craze that migrated from Europe that entails cycling under water. While only available in NYC, it's certainly a departure from traditional training methods.

Mixed format classes

Classes mix together different types of workout methods to burn more calories. So rather than doing separate workouts, it's like three in one! This could be a mixture of spin and yoga, boxing and pilates, or any other combination.
  • Barry's Bootcamp rotates strength training and treadmill runs. Deemed the "1000 calorie workout", the workout is fast paced to keep things interesting.
  • Orangetheory Fitness mixes rowing, treadmill workouts, and strength to create a workout regimen that challenges to challenge your heart rate. With heart rate monitors as the standard for all participants, see how you compare to your classmates.

Outdoor workouts

According to Healthy Living Association, outdoor training has become more popular as a way to escape technology. Outdoor activities can include cycling, hiking, tennis, and runnings. As wearable technology increases in adoption, these activities can also be monitored like mixed format classes. See if there is an outdoor boot camp near you if you'd rather workout in a group.

Balance training

Balance is making a comeback! Whether it's yoga, surf training, or other types of training, balance is being incorporated more into training methods.
  • LA-based Sandbox Fitness's Surfset classes mimic surfing and are total body workouts that emphasize balance and stabilization.

Technology-guided workouts

Exercise is becoming more accessible than ever with workouts guided through video and on mobile apps. Involving technology with fitness has helped engage and reach people where they want to be - on their mobile devices.
With quite a few fitness trends relying on technology, bring together your fitness data. Try our smart scale and sync with Google Fit, FitBit, Apple Health, and more. Learn more here.

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