Everyone deserves to be healthy.

Unfortunately, the world is filled to the brim with obstacles, whether they manifest in dollars or donuts. Either way, we believe that one’s health shouldn’t be mitigated by price tags or complexity. That’s why we work to empower people to easily monitor and maintain their health through innovative technology and data science.

We believe that when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, insight is everything. Our extensive background in data visualization, body index analysis technology, and hands-on manufacturing helps us build smart body composition scales and software to offer detailed results that inform your health decisions.

As proud as we are to design, develop and produce all of our products in-house, we also understand that no product will change the world on its own. That’s why we view ourselves as partners who help our customers along in their journey. We’re here for every squat, push-up, and step along the way—and together, we can build a healthier, happier world.