Cheat meal substitutes that are just as delicious

Holidays are coming, and so are all of the delicious and tempting desserts and meals. Pumpkin pie, stuffing, and more. It's tempting to hop off the fitness wagon altogether for a few more slices of pie.

With that in mind, we collected some healthy substitutes to your favorite cheat meals. 

1. Pumpkin Pie

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Pumpkin pie is a holiday staple. Come winter time it seems like every occasion calls for pumpkin pie. But there are healthier ways to reproduce the seasonal dessert. See some of the options we've found below.

2. Stuffing

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You don't have to hold the stuffing this year. Enjoy the Thanksgiving side a healthier way - either with quinoa or cauliflower.

3. Chocolate chip cookies

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No matter the time of year, chocolate chip cookies on display or nearby can make your mouth water. Still delicious and yummy, try one of these healthy recipes. With or without flour, with or without butter and refined sugar, these options are delicious.

4. Pancakes

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When it comes to slow mornings during the holidays, pancakes are a family favorite. With syrup and sugar, the confections taste delicious. However, by subbing some ingredients or developing a new version of pancakes, you can enjoy a lighter breakfast favorite.

5. Pizza

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Once you're tired of the traditional meals and turn to pizza, stay on your fitness track by substituting your crust. There are a variety of different flours and vegetables to make a suitable pizza crust with. Try some below!

6. Pasta

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Italian or more exotic options needed? We've got you covered with a selection of different recipes and types of noodles for a brighter holiday season. 

7. Dessert

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The holidays are a parade of delicious desserts you just want to say, "Yes!" to. Instead of tempting yourself with outrageous cheesecakes and pies, bring one of these to dinner. Skip the guilt, and be able to have a little extra.

8. Brownies

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The snack dessert that keeps on giving. Brownies are delicious, chocolately, and easy to create a healthier version. From black beans, to zucchini, to gluten-free, there are plenty of brownie options that will make you say, "Yum."

9. Hamburgers

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Don't miss out on the social aspect of grilling and eating burgers with friends! Especially on the weekend, grill up some burgers with friends and enjoy the outdoors. However, instead pf beef, try out these different types for a change.

For more healthy burgers, look here.

10. Sweet potato casserole

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If you're anything like me, you love sweet potato casserole. Day, night, holidays or not, sweet potato casserole is delicious. Here are a few different recipes to give you the taste you love with healthier substitutions.


11. French Fries

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French fries and burgers go together, so when the time comes you can enjoy a more health-friendly option. Enjoy them without frying, or even changing potatoes for carrots or rutabaga.

For more options, check out this list
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