8 health and fitness resources we recommend

Stay on the top of the latest health and fitness information! We try to bring you the latest to act as a resource for your wellness journey. Some of our favorite resources include Instagram influencers and publishers like:


Seem a little intense just from the name? Don't worry, they have plenty of practical nutrition and fitness advice meant for both novices and experience fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're training for your next competition, or just need some wellness advice, they're a great source of advice.

Fitness Magazine

Ready to get fit with plenty of different workouts and recipes? Fitness Magazine delivers workouts and articles to help you get there. Subscribe to receive new workouts in your inbox!

The Huffington Post

Need some seasonal tips about health? HuffPost is there to fulfill some of your questions about wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. Their areas of focus include meditation, mental health, therapy, stress and stress management, and sleep and wellness.

Healthy Living Magazine

Healthy Living posts daily to their site about recipes, tips, and stars to help live a healthier lifestyle. It's provides supplemental health information, especially appropriate for those who are pregnant or dealing with chronic conditions.

Shape Magazine

Want to read more about fitness and other individuals on their journey? Shape has some great spotlights on people working to me more fit. They also have workouts to help get you there.


Hear latest in food and nutrition! From where your food comes from, to benefits and detriments of certain food choices, Time offers insights into choosing the right options for your diet.

NY Times

Need some more information about personal health? NY Times keeps you up-to-date about new health findings, research, and surveys. Follow them if you'd like to stay on top of scientific findings in nutrition.

Discover Magazine

Discover delves into the science behind nutrition and into the medicinal side of wellness. Topics range from marijuana to meerkats as they keep discovering!

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