Everyday fitness inspiration from our top 15 fitness Instagram influencers

Our fitness scale can help keep you on track for your fitness journey, but when it comes to getting moving these Instagram phenoms will keep you inspired everyday. To keep your fitness journey moving forward, with the help of our digital sidekick, follow our top 15 fitness Instagram inspirations!

1. Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit)

Her daily workout posts will keep you inspired for your next workout! From plyo to intervals to on-the-go fitness, she's got you covered.

Happy Thursday! #tbt

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 2. Amanda Bisk (@amandabisk)

Her stunning posts and incredible yoga moves will keep you inspired to get flexible! Based out of sunny Australia, her posts will brighten your day.


3. Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins)

 Need some new moves? Follow Jeanette for some fun ways to spice up your workout.


5. Tanya Poppett (@tanyapoppett)

Tanya jumps, runs, and gets fit in such beautiful places! You'll want to be running beside her.

Death by dunes 💀🐪

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6. Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga)

Ready to take your practice to the next level? See what Dylan can do and know just how much more you can grow.

We don't need to lose our connections only our attachments. The practice of yoga is about creating connection and letting go of attachments. . Sometimes it can be challenging to discern between connection and attachment. Connections are fluid, they change with change yet still remain connected. . Connection is a form of love that last through time and space. Attachments are us wanting something to stay the same. But because everything is in continuous change and the inevitable change creates a separation and separation is the cause of suffering. . Attachment disguises itself as love. When we are attached to someone or something it's because it or they make us happy, and the attachment is dependent on that continuing happiness. Love has no conditions. . We can be both connected and attached to the same thing or person. When we bring this into awareness we can see the difference and loose our attachments while deepening our connections. . Flying @meliniseri Photo @icreatelife_

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7. Jennifer Nash Forrester (@jenniferforrester)

Get fit without the gym (and have your baby nearby too)! Jennifer keeps working hard while spending time with her very cute baby.


8. Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines)

Sweat with Kayla's easy to follow workout tips, enjoy success stories from people using her program, and get inspired with her coordinating fitness outfits!


9. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (@therock)

What fitness list would be complete without the Rock? Check out his motivational videos and fitness posts made more adorable by his Frenchie in the background.


10. Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)

See how athletes get it done by following Serena. From fashion to fitness, she's got it going on.


11. Misty Copeland (@mistycopeland)

This principal dancer can give you plenty of new #fitfam goals!


12. Massy Arias (@massyarias)

See Massy get back in shape post-baby and have fun doing it. 

#MAWarriorChallenge Kicking Friday in da'Face like! So I have a movement challenge for you to try every Friday. Tag me using #MAWarriorChallenge and let's see how many bad-a$$es get this done, tag a friend who can do it too. I included an easier version in the beginning of it. Tag me and LET'WORK. I'll be posting the best videos at the end of the week. Mamas, consult your doctor prior to working out and doing any challenging routine. Remember I was very conditioned pre pregnancy and during my pregnancy. I might not be the norm and you might need more time to recover specially if you had a cesarean! #5weekspostpartum #letswork #progressnotperfection #ma30day #childofGod ___________________________________________________ #MAWarriorChallenge Feliz viernes mi gente. Aquí les tengo un reto. Cada viernes pondré un ejercicio para retarlos y ver quién puede lograrlo. Usen el hashtag y veremos quién se une, menciona aún amigo que pueda hacerlo. Incluí una versión más fácil del reto para los más principiantes. Al final de la semana publicare las mejores versiones! DALE! #hijadecristo #beastmode #fitmom #momlife

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13. Irene Pappas (@fitqueenirene)

Follow Irene's personal and fitness journey that complements her contortions.


14. Idalis Velazquez (@ivfitness)

This mom knows how to keep in shape! Enjoy the beautiful views and workout videos - her regimen will bring some strength to your program.


15. Robin Arzon (@robinnyc)

City views abound in Robin's feed! Learn how to use the city to your advantage, just like she does in her workouts!

Never miss a Monday. #shutupandrun

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While you're working out, track your progress with a body composition scale. Which Instagram inspiration is your favorite?

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