Official Product Announcement

March 7, 2017

YUNMAI® - As of March 20, 2017, only the U.S. exclusive version of the Yunmai Smart Scale line will be compatible with the newer version of the U.S. application. The update will affect Premium, Mini, and Color scales.

The newest version of the phone application, released on March 3, updated the software to be exclusive to the U.S. version of the Yunmai line. In order to accommodate customers in the transition phase, we have granted an extra 17 days to reinstall the correct version of the application.

Our chief concern is customer satisfaction with the Yunmai product and to protect U.S. customers. In order to ensure our five year warranty and return policies in the U.S., customers must purchase their Yunmai scale through YUNMAI official U.S. Store site or AMX Store on Amazon. Policies, customs, and services differ from country to country. The standard of warranty and service is determined by the country of purchase. By buying from outside the US, there is no return guarantee, no warranty, and no service.

If a customer purchased a Yunmai scale from outside of the U.S., the older version of the application will on longer be available for both iOS and Android, effective September 7, 2017. We apologize for the inconvenience and any consequences of our update.

Yunmai® was founded in 2014 to contribute to the global trend of innovation. We began with the desire to provide smart, family-friendly health equipment at an affordable cost, which led us to create the YUNMAI smart scale. We take pride in our design and our service structure that always puts the customer first.

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