It’s not just what we say, but how we communicate.

Given that we are a global team, it’s important that we all share a cohesive, consistent tone of voice that is true to who we are. (Luckily, we’re all decently awesome.) In order for customers to like us, they need to see who we actually are.

It’s imperative that we not only maintain, but champion our unique tone of voice across all of our communications, regardless of whether we’re posting to social media or talking with one another around the proverbial water cooler. 

Data and design are what we enjoy, not who we are.

We want to maintain the elegant balance between our technological background and our approachable personality. We’ve counted, and there are at least 3 million ways for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sure, we offer a unique, easy and insightful means to do so, but technology alone won’t endear us to our customers. Instead, we need to capitalize on what really sets us apart: our unwavering partnership and support we offer to our customers to help them along in their journey. 

Personality is a matter of nuance.

It’s important to understand and embody the subtleties of what makes us cooler than our competitors. That way, every time we talk, we further establish and reinforce our competitive advantage, reminding our consumers that we are 100% human.