Yunmai Product Review Roundup

We gathered all of our reviews together! Read through the articles and videos about our smart scales:

Gadgets and Wearables, Roundup of the best smart scales on the market

"One of the best budget smart scales on the market right now."

Any Top 10, Top 10 Best Digital Bathroom Weighing Scales 2017 Reviews

"The Yunmai Precision Bluetooth Smart Body Scale has a sleek design that will look good anywhere the device is placed."

Body Fat Shop, Yunmai Scale Reviews

"Looking for a scale with an affordable price, amazing features, and a sleek, compact design? Look no further because Yunmai’s Color Smart Scale got all of that, and much more."

Geek Wrapped, Best Cheap Scales for Weight Loss

"Yunmai may not be a household name, but they have been tracking accurate weight loss information for more than a million customers, and that experience shows in the quality of this product."

Supplement Police, Best Smart Scales - Top 9 Digital Body Fat Weight Loss Scales?

"The price of the Yunmai has been set at almost half what the leading brands in the market cost. It is an impressive smart scale and one you can’t guess the price on by just looking at the features."

Shibley Smiles, Yunmai Premium Smart Scale Coupon Code

"What I like best about this scale is the integration with the app on my phone."

More of a visual person? We've compiled our reviews for easy viewing!

Yunmai Premium

Johny Tech Review

"There's really no complaint. For $60 you get a scale with a pretty nice design and it works quite well."

Yunmai Color

Gauging Gadgets

"Setup was seamless, maybe took 5 or 10 seconds. It's a very simple device."


Original Dobo

"I'm impressed... They've absolutely blown me away as far as quality that goes with the scale. Beyond my expectations."

The Suburban Hippie Environmentalist

"It's neat if you want to track your results over time."

Yunmai Mini

Abel Albonetti

"It keeps up with everything in an app. It keeps up with your body fat percentage, your weight, and it also connects to your FitBit... So each day I weigh myself it will have a chart. So if you're keeping up with your weight over a long period of time you can see your weight and how it goes up or down."

Techy Agent

"This is the first time I would come to you guys and say that I have a smart scale that I'm starting to use and I would actually recommend it."

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