Our Top 15 Health Influencers on Instagram

Need some health inspiration? Here's our top 15 influencers on wellness and nutrition.

1. Kimberly Snyder (@_kimberlysnyder)

This nutritionist and NY Times best-selling author's feed looks delicious! She makes recipes both delicious and nutritious. Follow for some serious foodspiration.

2. Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman)

Follow the founder of HBFit's eats and fitness! She takes lovely photos of her beach trips, fruity food choices, and exotic views.

I'll take it! 🇫🇷

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3. Sophie Gray (@wayofgray)

Sophie presents daily self-love and health insights. Follow her Instagram for a doses of inner happiness and well being.

Yesterday I started dancing in my car by myself at a red light. Then, I stopped. "Ah, I'm sure these people think I'm crazy." But, then I took a step back. Why am I allowing someone's opinion of me stop me from doing something I truly want to do? This makes no sense. Then, the wheels started turning. How many times have I stopped myself from doing something for fear of rejection? How many times have I listened to the opinion of others even when I really wanted to do something? How many times have YOU compromised who you are for acceptance, or love, or acknowledgement? There's so many ways we do this each and every day. Big and small. You could have stopped yourself from getting bangs because Sally at work doesn't think you'd look good with them. Or, maybe you're not getting a certain tattoo because your mum wouldn't like it. Or, maybe you're living a life where you don't even recognize yourself because you have continually made choices about YOUR life based on the opinion of others. This isn't about being selfish. This isn't about being a good person and putting others first. This isn't about the occasional compromise where you let your partner choose the movie you go to. It's about the ways that you have been subconsciously telling yourself that YOUR TRUEST SELF isn't good enough, isn't worthy and isn't valuable. By listening to Sally about bangs, we're telling the part of us who truly wants them that they're not important enough to listen to. By not getting a tattoo, you're telling that part of you who truly wants one to take a backseat. By making choices based on the opinions of others, in hopes of acceptance, you're telling yourself that you're not deserving of acceptance just as you are. We all do this. And by becoming aware of the ways we're compromising ourselves, we can learn to honour ourselves more. We can respect Sally and her opinions, but still do what WE want and be deserving of love. So, my question.. in what way are you compromising your truth in hopes of acceptance for others?

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4. Michelle Tam (@nomnompaleo)

Into food inspiration? James Beard Award-nominated & NYT bestselling author Michelle Tam delivers. Every day looks delicious and will keep you wanting each plate.

5. Reboot with Joe (@rebootwithjoe)

If you've ever thought about juicing, Joe has an amazing feed full of fruit, vegetables and inspiration.

6. Fully Raw Kristyna (@fullyrawkristyna)

Beautiful, bright colors make this Instagram a perfect choice! Krisytna highlights healthy food choices that are also colorful. Follow for great inspiration and scenic locations.

7. Kevin [Fit Men Cook] (@fitmencook)

Video recipes with additional text in Spanish make Kevin's videos an accessible and fun way to make cooking more enjoyable. His feed also include his travels and meal prep, showing how delicious travel and food can be.

8. Lisa Lillien (@hungrygirl)

Lisa, founder of Hungry Girl, brings recipes and nutritional meals to your Instagram feed. Her food was created for hungry people like her.

Blueberry Muffin Overnight Oats… MAJOR morning time-saver! Combine and refrigerate overnight — and breakfast is ready when you wake up... Woohoo!! Entire recipe: 238 calories | 4.5g fat | 5 SmartPoints | Save this recipe; then find more at hungry-girl.com! 🌞1/2 c. old-fashioned oats 🌞1/2 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk 🌞2 tsp. brown sugar (not packed) 🌞1 packet no-calorie sweetener 🌞1/8 tsp. vanilla extract 🌞2 drops almond extract 🌞Dash cinnamon, salt 🌞1/2 c. fresh or thawed-from-frozen blueberries (if frozen, no sugar added) In a jar, combine all ingredients except blueberries. Mix. Stir in blueberries. Cover & refrigerate for at least 6 hrs., until oats are soft and have absorbed most of the liquid. . . #lowcalorie #healthyeating #eathealthy #eatsmart #getinmybelly #inthekitchen #cooking #yum #summertime #healthyfood #healthyfoodporn #healthyrecipe #easyrecipe #hungrygirl #overnightoats #breakfasttime #breakfasting #breakfast #healthybreakfast #goodeats #healthyeats #goodfood #weightwatchers #smartpoints

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9. Natalie Jill (@nataliejillfit)

Natalie covers both fitness and nutrition through her health-oriented account. She offers quick workouts and gluten-free recipes to get you into tip top shape.

LOWER ABS AND OBLIQUES Rise and shine sunshine! Quickie ab focussed workout for you! ARE YOU IN?

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10. Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver)

Jamie gives brief health tips, foodspiration, and bright travels! His food looks ready to eat and delicious from appetizer to dessert.

11. McKel Hill, MS, RDN, Dietitian (@nutritionstripped)

McKel has the degrees to back up her advice, she's an MS, RDN, and Dietitian. Vibrant and musical, her feed is one to follow.

12. Jenny (@livegreenhealthy)

Jenny posts daily healthy recipes that make you wish you could order them immediately. Healthy and tasty? Jenny pulls it off.

13. Amelia Freer (@ameliafreer)

Flowers and food abound. Amelia creates yummy food choices linked to the recipes so you can make your own.

14. Jasmine + Melissa (@hemsleyhemsley)

Two sisters following their health journey - sharing foodspiration with us all! You'll find their feed full of cute, creative, and culinary fun.

15. Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach)

Joe uses videos to show how he makes fun and easy recipes. His voice and delivery add a comedic effect to every recipe. Follow for some cooking fun!

Try this for breakfast tomorrow 😍🙌🏽 #Leanin15?

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