Choose a smart scale: 3 reasons to ditch your traditional scale

As the trend of monitoring health and wellness continues to rise, smart scales are part of the wave of the future. While a traditional digital scale may provide the same weight information as a smart scale, a smart scale can provide a much deeper insight into health. Rather than focusing on just weight, which can be misleading when looking at overall health, smart scales provide additional metrics that can provide a more holistic picture.

Smart scales are superior traditional scales in tracking, metrics, and insight.


Remember putting your weight goals down on pen and paper? Having a consistent look into your weight over time meant developing your own tracking system over weeks and months. It may have even included a food journal, a lot of work to maintain and if you forgot your notebook all your data was lost.

With a smart scale, say goodbye to cumbersome tracking methods! You can easily sync from the device right to your phone. And even if you want that food journal, most smart scales will sync with apps like MyFitness Pal so you can get even more health data to empower your fitness journey.


Weight is only one part of the wellness equation. As a measure, it can sometimes be unreliable when trying to understand the progress you are making. Since weight doesn't tell the whole story, looking to other metrics can help fill in the gaps.

Body fat, protein, visceral fat, BMI/BMR, bone mass, hydration level, and muscle are also important when understanding total wellness. Smart scales are able to track these factors with BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis). Using these measures over time, and that sync to your mobile device, people can gain a deeper insight into their health.


It can be difficult with a traditional scale to enjoy the benefits of ease of tracking and combining data from multiple sources like Apple Health, Google Fit, and MyFitnessPal. However, with a smart scale, gaining insight through the combination of data sources is possible.

Some smart scales like Yunmai are able to integrate with these sources of information to give users the benefit of all of their wellness data. Instead of spending time combing through the data, users can now enjoy easy to read graphs and visualization to make their fitness journey focus on what's important: improving wellness.

NOTE: Smart scales are not meant for individuals with a pacemaker or who may be pregnant because of this measurement method.

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