9 wellness blogs to enrich your fitness journey

Looking for some light reading? We've collected some fun wellness blogs to help you keep learning as you continue your journey to a happier and healthier self!


Everything to keep your mind and body on track! From food, working out, and mental de-stressing, mindbodygreen informs and inspires.

Katie Dale

Mix things up with a wellness podcast! Katie brings in guest speakers and lots of wellness practices to bring yourself to the next level of well being. Don't miss out on some great speakers, including Jessamyn Stanley and Danielle Laporte!


Dealing with mental issues and fitness never was so accessible. Sonima brings tips and advice to build mental well being, while also delivering free yoga and fitness workouts to build physical well being.


Want more recipes, fitness, and gear? Equinox delivers all of that and more like playlists, videos, and scientific articles. Subscribe for curated content that will drive your fitness journey forward.

Nutrition Stripped

Beautiful food photos and helpful nutrition advice make Nutrition Stripped a win for learning more! All of the food looks delicious and you make it yourself with their recipe library. Don't miss out!

Fitting It All In

After struggling with an eating disorder, Clare found her calling as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She shares her own struggles, connects with others, and brings together a community that wants to be involved in her journey.


Feeling like something's just not working? Follow Unstuck for plenty of advice surrounding what has your feeling stuck in life.

Zen Habits

Need to simplify your life? Zen Habits help make it possible with lessons and homework. Leo created this blog to help clear out clutter so people can focus on building a life that makes them happy.

Daily Cup of Yoga

A daily dose of accessible yoga information is just what you need! Written so that new yogis and practitioners both get something from it, the blog delivers tips, tools, and wisdom on yoga, fitness, and technology.


Need even more information? Greatist has created a comprehensive guide to blogs on fitness, nutrition and wellness.



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