10 Yoga YouTube Channels to Follow

We've talked about unwinding with meditation and other practices, but where do you get started?

Health and wellness are not limited to your weight. They encompass how you feel and live. To that end, we want to provide some resources to help you get started with a yoga practice.

We love yoga here at Yunmai! Yoga helps the mind and body become more aligned, happy, and healthy. It may be reflected in your scale, and it may not. It's about enjoying your journey to fit.

Get started with one of these top notch yoga channels that offer free videos, tips, and advice for your practice:

1. Yoga with Adriene

With over two million followers, Adriene knows what she's doing. She provides yoga videos on her channel that range from beginner, to sport-specific, to practices for busy people. Change your life with her 31 Days of Yoga!

2. Fightmaster Yoga

Hatha yoga and yoga for beginners make the Fightmaster Yoga channel a must for any new yogis. Learn how to relax into your practice and enjoy 30 minutes to yourself. Try her 30-day challenge with daily practices to get into the flow.

3. Tara Stiles Yoga

A world-renowned instructor is available on Youtube for free! Take advantage of her yogi advice, videos, and prenatal yoga sessions.  Start your day with Tara with her "Wake Up and Yoga" practices.

4. KinoYoga 

Accessible and practical, Kino helps individuals with their practice grow into more advanced postures like headstands. With a series of videos breaking down getting into postures, step by step, she creates an engaging and deep practice. Follow along to advance your practice.

5. SarahBethYoga

Playlists for meditation, 7-day yoga challenge, hatha yoga, and restoration all work together to make Sarah's channel a comprehensive guide to practicing yoga. Gain flexibility no matter where you are in life now that she's back and creating more videos.

6. YogaTX

New yoga videos every Tuesday and Thursday coming from Austin, TX. Taught by a variety of instructors, the channel covers easy to follow information for your yoga practice. Start small with one of the morning or bedtime sequences.

7. SeanVigueFitness

Yoga isn't just for girls. Guys are welcome and can enjoy sequences from Sean on his channel. He offers a 7-day and 30 training, shot in the outdoors, to help you get started with your practice.

8. Bad Yogi

Taking more of a lifestyle approach to her Youtube channel, Erin answers questions, details sequences, and discusses issues facing her yogi following. She even addresses body image, what it means to be a yogi, and living the yogi lifestyle.

9. Jessica Smith TV

If you're looking for more fitness and strength to go with your yoga, Jessica offers all of the above. She creates workouts for younger and older beginners. Walk, move, and lift to a fitter self.

10. LivestrongWoman

Covering fitness, healthy eating, and yoga, this channel is a perfect way to gain everything you need for a successful journey to a healthier you. Livestrong offers education to help their followers make everyday healthy choices. Follow for content that can enhance your current fitness efforts.

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Sean Vigue

Thanks so much for including me in your list! It’s an honor to be alongside my very talented friends and colleagues.
Sean Vigue

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